Last update: Dec 6th, 2001

NAZFEST in October in Scotland

Here are Emil Gammeltoft's (thanks Emil!!) impressions about a fantastic weekend in Scotland.
Noone can describe it better... So let's start NAZARETH UNCENSORED:"If you have one hour and some coffee...this is my take of last weekend.

To get up 5 in the morning is not meant for homo sapiens like myself, and if you like to rock'n roll, you should get to bed at this time instead of getting up. I did my best and after a telephone call from hell (5 am) I heard the voice of a fit Ilpo saying fit words. I said no fit words in reply, but was up to take my bag to catch the bus to meet up with my rock'n roll brother. I was slowly wakening up as we entered Arlanda airport (outside of Stockholm, Sweden). We checked in and found out that our plane from Brussels to Edinburgh was cancelled (Sabena anyone?) which meant we had problem no.1: how should we now contact Melanie Cameron (Darrell's sister) about this? She had offered to pick us up at Edinburgh airport.....OK, one call to my girlfriend and she got one quick mail to Mel, hope she will be there two hours later.....
The plane from Stockholm to Brussels was a Sabena making sounds like someone was drilling in the plane when we were flyíng....I got a little bit of agony as we reached the sky...those sounds you know....we were also joking a little bit of someone giving us anthrax on the way to Brussels and when we should reach England we would be hi jacked and crash into Big know, even if the current situation in the world is horrible, at some point you should also joke a little to get through....

Even if the sandwiches the crew gave us tasted like a mixture of cheese and maybe anthrax we were still alive when we entered Brussels airport. Most of our first hours on the rather knackered airport was spent in a que to get proper tickets for the next plane (that wasn't cancelled...). We crossed some airport departments and suddenly my rock'n roll brother Ilpo had a grin on his face....we stood in front of "Belgian Beer Bar"....I said NOOOOOOO not this early please brother pleeeeeeease...but it was too late. Four Leffe Brun's and two Stella Artois later we were, how do I say this...Fit for fight (no more comments). Emil got agony for the second time this morning, I must stay sober, I must stay sober, Focus Emil, be a good boy crate of Stellas in the tax-free zone later (just buying, seriosly!) we entered the plane to Heaven or should I say Edinburgh. The sandwiches were in the same quality as before and we really didn't touch Big Ben either. Ilpo found a Finnish girl in the seat next to him, so he was talking Finnish all the time, so I took some time listening to the result of my band Nerved's new demo on my freestyle. Eventually my band had a "release party-thing" the same night as we were in Scotland, but I would rather see all of these nice people in Dunfermline I really looked forward to instead of being back home.

As we arrived at Edinburgh airport we had been drinking coffee, so we were in focused form. Melanie met us outside the gate (thankyou Mel, we were a little bit worried a while) and it was so nice to meet her (felt honored too). We did some sight-seeing around Edinburgh airport (she drove wrong - but it was just nice to be sitting in the same car as my idol's sister just talking whatever, Naz, weather or Scottish cigarrettes). Big que's on the motorway (friday after work time) as we reached the Forth Bridge. And then it was just some minutes and Dunfermline was in front of us. It felt good for a Nazfan to enter "legendary ground" even if we saw both Pizza Hut and McDonalds in the surroundings this was soooooo cool. We're on Naz-home-ground! The sky was grey, but we weren't there to sun at the beach.... The Pitbauchlie Hotel was now in front of us. After some "give aways" to Melanie for her help and her mother from a Darrell fan, we said goodbye for some hours and checked in at the hotel. Yes, indeed....we were in Dunfermline - we had reach our destination!!! Before we went to our room we did go to one of the hotel's bars to find out if someone else had arrived before us. Yes, mr Rob Fasey sat there, so I was happy to give him a hug (we are JUST friends) and Svenne from Sweden. Svenne is a guy from Eskilstuna in the middle of Sweden. A fan I have seen before, on gigs in Sweden. Nice to see him too. We were said to go to our room, to see some surprises. We did so, and found out that Bev had been inside all Naz-fans rooms to put flags, cards, itinerary and more about the comings this Naz-weekend. Thanx for great work Bev! The room looked good, we even got a cd-player inside the room (unfortunately with limits on the volume...). I put on my selfmade T-shirt (with lots of help from mr.Higginz!) that said on the front: I AM A NAZARETH FAN and on the back: Yes, I was there! Glasgow 2001 10 20. Time for some beer or what? One Tennents later in the bar (Oh, gawd, I wish I was there right now...again...) everybody started to come inside. Team Germany: Pincy, Jens, Frank, Rai
ner, Pit, Katja, Helli, Holland: Jurjen, and one couple more (heard you had to leave early Saturday morning, but happy to hear everything went well), Keith (the man, the myth, the legend). And more and more and more and more and more and....Grant! This was like a Deja Vu thing from London....great! And then Bev came in. Nice to see her! She got some gifts from me to say thankyou for her then already splendid work, we all should be very fortunate to have her as the "fixer". One moving moment were when some nice "Team Germany"-members gave Keith a gift to his newly born baby: a babysize t-shirt with Nazareth's albums everywhere on the t-shirt. Keith should be proud and I also think it was very nice of these gentlemen to give him that t-shirt.
It came people all the time (Clive, Mike and Jill (she KILL!) and more and more). Time for dinner. People came in all the time, Canadians (Ian and more), Americans (Rick, Vera, Mandy and more), Austrians (Mathias and Fritzi), more Germans (Krischan and Susanne) etcetra was like a big room being taken over by world wide Naz-fans! It was Wonderland but no malice ok! Good food, good friend Ilpo started to look a little bit problem yet though...
After good chats and meal we all took a booked bus into town and Sinkys. Legendary place! One stair up was the Naz-party and was it a party! T-shirts in different combinations, cd.s etc. and inside many more fans that came directly from the airport and so on: Michael Tasker, Nyssefan, Mr. Young-looking Stuart Munn and Isabel (nice meeting you guys), etc. etc. It was friday night, party night for us.....Naz-music on the stereo....all this people coming in all the time from different parts of the world...and Brian Baxter. It was nice meeting him, he is one nice dude (hope you will have fun with that new Eilert Pilarm album soon...). It is very special to meet fans (like I described in my London report) that you have had mail-contact with during some years in person. One of the guys I also want to mention is mr. NazMart. Yes, good people all around. I guess Naz-fans are the best fans any band can have and I feel very fortunate to meet such good people cause you all are so special and, how can I say it, well, I guess "family" is a good word. Cause with family comes love, friendships and everything good in life.

Anyway, the place upstairs was getting full of people from everywhere, the beer was flowing and people were getting ready for the "Surprise appearance". And Billy Rankin came Billy fxxxxng Rankin!!!!!!
Yeah, this is not bad, actually this is NOT BAD!!!! And that Rankin fella did a show I will count as the BEST ACCOUSTIC GIG EVER. With a mixture of a warm and good heart, bonna fine songs, and a superb voice this Man blew us all away! It didn't matter if he played and sang Naz-tunes, his own or covers......this is a class act! He talked about John Denver and asked if anyone wanted to hear him and of course my friend Ilpo said YEAH! Billy looked surprised.....Ilpo was a little bit tired now...anyway, with songs like May The Sunshine, Moonlight Eyes, Dream On, Baby Come Back, etc. etc etc etc this was like a living Nazareth jukebox. And to be fair with Billy his own solo-songs have the potential to be big hits. The time was now around 0.00 pm and I was getting a little bit tired - of course not by Billy but because of the loooooong day and beverages. I remember I was saying to Billy after the splendid gig that he should be a Millionare because of his songwriting etc. etc. Anyway Billy, you made all us Nazfanz very happy (yes, me too...). Respect to Billy and Hi to Barry and his gang: make a hit album soon, you
got the potential, ok!!!!

Party continued at the hotel after Billy's splendid gig. I was up a while with you all - but I was now a tired Nazareth fan...being up for at least 22 hours, and by the way Stuart: I crashed to bed without getting my contact-lenses out...discovered that very early in the morning...and discovered also that my clothes was still on me including my shoes....


Ilpo slept like a little baby (well, rather ugly little baby..) so I decided to go to the breakfast. Sat down with Clive and Jurjen to try the Scottish breakfast: my mission: to try to eat HAGGIS....Something very ugly and flat-looking got into my mouth, but it tasted like something mr Bean have had in his nose, so I actually did not complete the Haggis meal...But the rest of the food was great and the staff treated us worldwide Nazareth fans with respect, even if we didn't smell that good this morning. But today was Nazareth-day and we all were in for a treat.
Took a walk with Nyssefan, Jurjen and Mathias and Fritzi to Dunfermline centre. It took some time because it was a long walk and the weather was not so was RAINING. Bonnie Scotland.... Actually Dunfermline was bigger than I thought (60 000 sitizens). It felt good to be on historic ground (well, for Nazfans it is). I was thirsty, so I got one Strawberry-juice. THAT is not good for my image...but inside the store the woman inside asked me why there is so many people with Nazareth t-shirts around today (she saw me having one too) so I told her about the gig in Glasgow and the meeting here in Dunfermline. She looked a little bit proud of the band after I told her this.
Inside the town we found the latest Classic Rock Magazine with good reviews of Naz's latest remasters, but when we came inside the only cd-shop in town I really got disappointed....not a SINGLE ONE Nazareth album in their own hometowns cd-shop! So this is for all Scots reading this:

Dear Scottish people,

You have one band from your country called Nazareth. They have sold between 25 - 30 Million records to this day throghout the world and making lots of money coming inside your country in taxes etc etc. You should be very proud of this band that have a worldwide reputation. In some countries they are in the same league as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC and so on. Please feel proud of what this band has achieved for Scotland and the music they have spread out to the world. Feel proud cause they deserve it and You deserve it! You even should, at least in Dunfermline, have a road baptized to the band. Thankyou.

Back to reality:

We met Pincy and some of Team Germany at a bakery and everybody looked almost as tired as me...but we chatted on and then went home with taxi. After some talks with Svenne, we took a shower and a beer and then went to Sinkys! Most people already had arrived. Sitting and eating at the balcony section downstairs at Sinkys. Different Nazareth articles and photos from their carreer hang in the pub and it was nice to see! More and more people entered and No Jive was played on the jukebox: long time since I heard the album - it never has sounded as good as it did there! The beer started flowing (oooooh wish I was there again....) and there was Nazareth t-shirts everywhere! The hours went quick and it was time for the bus to pick us up! Yes, it was time to see Nazareth and it was time to be a part of their first DVD!!!! The excitement was approx 100% Nazmanic and the buzz was on the bus....(that was a good one, or?!). We sat down upstairs surrounded by Nazfans. As we had some German company my friend Ilpo started to talk Deutsch: Das ist alles Quaaaaaaaaaatsch...and I told one story of me and Ilpo being in Lubeck 1993 and some good looking ladies looked at us and Ilpo wanted to say something like "you are beautiful" and said what he thought was that: Geile Geile! (translated: Horny Horny...) The women did go away though...Ilpo is one fun dude, or what can you say? After a while he commented on "After this show this bus goes directly to Betty Fords clinic...." He may have had some truth in that though...The Scottish fields were crossed, the weather was bad, but did we care??? No, not in a million...

One hour approx later we arrived outside The Garage. The fans spread out very fast on two different places and we were caught in the middle of it. First inside to O'Neills, where we met two camera-men that took a coffee before the show and also some other Nazfans including Dougie and Caroline Ferguson (nice meeting them). At the same time we heard that Billy Rankin had cancelled his gig somewhere in Scotland to witness Naz on stage, so everyone decided to go and thank him PROPERLY (no more comments..) at another pub called Nice And Sleazy's. That pub was just opposite to the Garage and it was LOADS of Nazareth fans everywhere. Yeah, this was Naz-Heaven! I met Billy Rankin outside the mens room (well, any place is a good place..) and thanked him for his SUPERB gig last night. The beer was flowing and it was now time for photos to be taken with Nazfans and Billy etc. After that......the gig!!!!


What can you say about this band that hasn't been said before? Ok, this is the best performance I have witnessed with the band in my life this far. The best focus, all in all a Greatest Hits package of tunes from their impressive back-catalogue. And the audience.....It was like BEATLES HYSTERIA at some points! Excellent show from start to finnish.

The Lights came down at precisely 8.00 p.m. The roar from the audience was incredible as the moving bagpipes started to sound. Up came the boys, one and one. Jimmy, Lee, Ronnie, Pete....all looking surprised and relieved at the same time because of the audience reaction. It was wild and moving at the same time. And then mr. Dan McCafferty....even wilder reaction! The boys were back in town and they were about to rock our shoes off! Light Comes Down yes indeed....hard, mean mothertruckin' machine - sounding with boys in splendid form and hungry to EAT tonite...Dan is incredible as always, this man sings with the thing between his legs if I put it that way. Jimmy, well, what can you say? A true talent. Pete: the always evil-grinning bass-player (you can nothing but smile when you see him in action), Ronnie: Respect in every department, Lee: Smiling, and almost killing the drums at the same time! Oh yes, this boys rock hard! Razamanaz followed - always splendid, the audience were up there jumping all the time and the camera men had to work hard to film both the band and audience (will be nice to see the result if I say so..). Miss Missery: some of us fans tried to sing HEY at everytime Jimmys guitar stopped in the beginning, you know: BADADAM (HEY) BADADAM (HEY) BAM (HEY) BAM (HEY) BADADAM (HEY), but I know lots of us already had screamed through Light Comes Down and Razamanaz, so the powers of our voices combined didn't sound that big though (well, we'll hear about that, won't we?!). Please Don't Judas Me....yes, yes, yes, and then straight back into that Miss Missery again. Hard, mean, good. Holiday followed. Dan making funny faces...and the song was rocking and so did the audience. Nazfan Brian Baxter did headbang - always a pleasure to headbang, right!? Then without warning came Dream On. A no.1 hit in Germany in 1982. This is a classic Nazareth (and Billy Rankin) track. Dan sang it with ease, imressive. During the gig the band joked a lot and came with funny comments. One comment was "You know we love you" to the audience and I think the whole audience felt that. From "No Mean City" came Simple Solution. Thanks Naz for that - it is a t
reat to hear songs from this very good album! Next was "My wife's Bisexual", sorry..."My White Bicycle" - good, rocking and the crowd were jumping. And then some funny comments from Dan "when you were 18...." and then "Bad, bad boy". Yes, indeed...The new song from their, as they put it: "very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very best of new album" was "Walk by yourself" and I could see mixed reactions from the crowd: many that loved the tune getting played live and some that you could see that hadn't heard it before, because it's new. BUT the interesting thing was that the band got a big reaction out of it and everybody seemed to like it (and of course the band played it well). My biggest moment was "Heart's grown cold" and the following tune. Because of Dan telling what the song is about it turned into a new dimension for me and I listened to it in another way. Awesome, and as always....Dan Mc Cafferty....that man can sing! Broken Down Angel got the same response from me: a truly moving song with lots of feelings about that broken down angel: Awesome. And the singing from the crowd.....well, you buy that DVD I tell ya!!! Whiskey Drinkin Woman....yes, yes, yes...and I really like when the band boogie in the middle of the song! "ladies and gentlemen - mr. Lee Agnew!" says Dan and Lee start to play that special drum opening...and in the middle of the song comes a VERY GOOD LOOKING lady with the bag
pipes: of course it's that Hair Of The Dog and yes, they were sons of bitches. Pete sang "Son of a biiiiiiiiiitch" higher than Rob Halford and the crowd almost as high. During the gig Dan drank water in one glass and cognac in another, he also dropped his microphone to the floor under one occasion which he stated was "not good" because of the DVD filming...and I also heard that there was a fire during the gig that almost killed Billy Rankin and friends in the back of the venue, but I didn't see that and I think not the band saw it either. Anyway, back to the set: This Flight Tonight was the last song, a splendid version with good backing vocals from the band you know where. The crowd were at this point wild (well, actually the whole set..) and started to jump at the floor and screaming the band back up on stage. Beggars Day followed, as mean as ever and then Love Hurts. My friend Ilpo did light his lighter during this song and without knowing he had a camera behind him, so when the song was finnished the camera man pointed at him saying "fockin' good" so I guess my friend Ilpo will be on a DVD soon...(cool).

All in all, Nazareth did a triumphant gig. I am so proud to have been witnessing this concert and I am very proud to see that the band is in such a good shape in 2001. May you always play and may you have big success in the future, we love you!

Back to Dunfermline:
After buying the "Another Hair Of The Dog" cd at the merchandise store and witnessing this impressive band, I could not ask for more, really. And: I have never seen so many Nazareth T-shirts anywhere before in my life! What a crowd! You Scots rock!
Back to Nice and Sleazy's for a beer and talk with Naz-ers from everywhere. After that we took the bus home to Dunfermline. At the bus I had a deep conversation with Keith (love to you brother!) and also talked with a nice man called Graham, who was a radio-professional. Nice meeting you and hope you liked the cd:-) Please contact me if you did!
Some people were sleeping now, but it was just the calm before the storm....


Yes, it was a nice party. I just really smiled for most time, being glad of the show and just felt good to be with such nice people. Even some of the roadies came there (Ronnie, Chuck and more), Bev and ALL THOSE WONDERFUL FANS from all around the world. Nazareth on the hotel-stereo (a little bit quiet sounding though..) and beer, beer and beer. Rick and Vera's daughter Mandy had a Pete Agnew Doll!!! You all who wasn't there should have seen it! A normal size doll with Pete Agnew's GRIN as a photo on the dolls face! It was very funny!
Instead of saying so much more I really want to say that this was a very nice weekend and I met so many nice people who is as much a Nazareth-fan as myself. All you people is Number One People. I also felt that it was not time enough to REALLY talk properly with everyone (would have wanted to stay there for some days more), but I miss you all and hope to see all you wonderful people again soon.

Here comes a thanklist (in no particular order):
Nazmart - Love
Svenne Granlund (visst hette du sċ va?) - We should meet more often in Sweden..
Pincy - Scheisse (with love)
Team Germany: Jens, Frank, Rainer, Markus: Scheisse! (with love)
Krischan and Susanne - Scheisse! (with love)
Mathias und Fritzi - Scheisse! (with love)
Stuart and Isabel - not bald, not
Grant - One rocking 19 year old DUDE.
Mike and Jill: Mick is a lunatic and Jill KILL! Sorry for that - say hello to OHIO
Brian Baxter - It was a pleasure - I bow for you.
Melanie Cameron - Thanx for your help Mel and very good company and good talks.
Michael Tasker
Nyssefan - akkurat!
Rob - Love
Keith - Love
Bev and Ronnie - You are nice people and real professionals - thanx from every fan of the band to you for splendid organisation. I bow. Hope you liked the caviar...and more.
Graham - You call me alright!?!
Clive - A true Nazareth fan. See you in Sweden if Manny comes?
Jurjen - Holland fans rock.
Rick, Vera and Mandy - A true Naz-family. Nice to meet you.
Ilpo - a good friend of mine and he makes me laugh (and I think many of you thinks the same way?)
Ian - from Canada: nice meeting you.
Dougie and Caroline - kinda stressed in Glasgow, but hope to meet you later.

I know there is more people and to those I just say: See ya next time!

To Billy Rankin: You are one true master. Can you do yourself a favour and Please find a record contract and take over the world?
To Barry: Nice meeting you

TO NAZARETH: THANKYOU FOR ALL YEARS OF MUSIC. You made a Splendid concert and Please soon make a new album! Love ya."Up to here Emil's fantastic report. Let's hope for the upcoming CD!


- Video-Clips:

Morning Dew (Beatclub 71), This Flight Tonight (Disco 74), Piece Of My Heart, This Flight Tonight German TV 93, Love Hurts German TV 93
Love Leads To Madness, Star, Shot Me Down, Dream On, Where Are You Now, Dream On - acoustic version, Love Hurts, Piece Of My Heart (Tele 5 trailer), Vigilante Man (RAI TV)
Bad Bad Boy (RAI TV), Billy Rankin: US TV Baby Come Back, Rip It Off...
Promo-Clip Billy Rankin - Baby Come Back


- Alice Cooper & Friends 1977

- BBC Live Sound & Sight 1977 (complete)

- The Loudest & Proudest (SNAZ) 1981

- Live Winnipeg (Canadian TV 81), ca. 70 min PAL, similar SNAZ with Interviews

- Heavy Metal (SciFi incl. track "Crazy" '82)

- Live Coasters, Scotland 1983

- Live at Alabama 1984

- Rockpalast Classics 12.11.1984 Zeche Bochum, ca. 90 min

- Live in London Camden Place 1985, ca. 60 min

- Out In The Green 86

- Live Music Hall Frankfurt 1991

- Live in Rio de Janeiro - ONLY Interview with Dan (ca. 15 min)

- NAZARETH - LIVE IN SOFIA 24.01.1993 (60 min)

- NAZARETH - LIVE IN SOFIA 06.12.1998 (60 min)

- Nazareth at TM3 München 1998

- Nazareth Live March 15, 1999, U. S. A. (last recording with Darrell)



In the beginning of June Nazareth Fans Discussion List started a collection of signatures to induct Nazareth for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.
If you are fans like us please send a letter or post card to

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York
NY 4102

Let the boys the honour what they have earned in the last 30 years.

Nazareth Fans Discussion List (Part 2 April 99)

The list has got a few new members!
I'd like to welcome Bax (US), Bruce (Canada), GB Davis (US), Donald Kahler (US), Donald Munn (UK), Mark Chocolas (US) and Terje (Norway).

Is still somebody else lurking out there?

There are around 100 new mail to a lot of themes (I'll create a new ZIP.file):

- Compilations
- Nazareth Live In Texas
- personal Naz Collections and
- vote for songs of NEW NAZ LIVE ALBUM

Final results in full (by appointment of Stuart Munn):

All told 32 people sent in their choices, and a total of 113 different songs where chosen. Miss Misery was chosen by more that 50% of those taking part. The new album Boogaloo was the most popular. No doubt being a new release helps here, but I think its mainly because its one of the best Naz albums ever and this vote proves it! A big rush of votes for Kentucky Fried Blues and Not faking it made them both zoom into the 20.


Miss Misery 18
Light Comes Down 14
Talk Talk 10
Steamroller 9
God Saved The South 8
Nothing So Good 8
This Months Messiah 8
Dream On 7
Gone Dead Train 7
Kentucky Fried Blues 7
Not Fakin It 7
Simple Solution 7
Broken Down Angel 6
Games 6
Vigilante Man 6
No Mean City 5
Shanghai'd in Shanghai 5
Turn On Your Receiver 5
Whisky Drinkin' Woman 5
Child In The Sun 4
Cinema 4
Demon Alcohol 4
Guilty 4
Hire & Fire 4
May The Sunshine 4
Moonlight Eyes 4
Please Don't Judas Me 4
Teenage Nervous Breakdown 4
Backroom Boys 3
Carry Out Feelings 3
Changin' Times 3
Cheerleader 3
Crazy... 3
Cry Wolf 3
Donna Get Off that.. 3
Lady Luck 3
Love Leads To Madness 3
Loverman 3
Night Woman 3
Open Up Woman 3
Star 3
Vancouver Shakedown 3
Veteran's Song 3
A Million Miles Away 2
Alcatraz 2
Animals 2
Ballad Of Hollis Brown 2
Busted 2
Crime + Punishment Show 2
Down Home Girl 2
Freewheeler 2
Gatecrash 2
Jet Lag 2
Just To Get Into It 2
Loch Lomond 2
Long Black Veil 2
Morning Dew 2
Move Me 2
One From The Heart 2
Preservation 2
Right Between The Eyes 2
Thinkin' Man's N'mare 2
Whatever You Want Babe 2
Woke Up This Morning 2
All The Kings Horses 1
Another Year 1
Bad Bad Boy 1
Can't Shake Those ... 1
Claim to Fame 1
Cover Your Heart 1
Dear John 1
Do You Wanna Play House 1
Every Time It Rains 1
Fallen Angel 1
Flower of Scotland 1
Flyin 1
Go Down Fighting 1
Hearts Grown Cold 1
Hit the fan 1
Holiday 1
Homesick Again 1
In My Time 1
Just Another Heartache 1
Last Exit Brooklyn 1
Let Me Be Your Dog 1
Let me be your leader 1
Little Part of you 1
Local Still 1
Lonely In The Night 1
Loretta 1
My White bicycle 1
Other Side Of You 1
Pop The Silo 1
Railroad Boy 1
Rain On The Window 1
Red Light Lady 1
Revenge Is Sweet 1
Road To Nowhere 1
Rowan Tree/Tell Me That 1
Salty Salty 1
See You,See Me 1
Showdown At The Border 1
Silver Dollar Forger 1
Somebody To Roll 1
Sweetheart Tree 1
Take the rap 1
Ballad Of Hollis Brown 1
The boys in the band 1
Victoria 1
Waiting 1
Waiting For The Man 1
What's in it for Me 1
White Boy 1

Nazareth Fans Discussion List (Part 1 until March 99)

Don’t you like a little bit of statistics?
I’ve cleaned my mailbox at the end of March and collected ALL available mails of you into 1 ZIP-file (after removing of server and transmission dates). You can download here - it’s called NAZDISC.ZIP (ca. 180 kByte). After unpacking with PKUNZIP or similar programme you can open them as TXT-files, e. g. ANNA.TXT and so on.
There are 169 items since January!
I think it’s a nice possibility to remember all the themes we already discussed.
We are 40 authors (in alphabetical order) from around 10 different countries:
Alan (US), Anna (California), Antti (Sweden), Bubba (Detroit), Charly (Hamilton, Canada), Chuck ( Kansas City), Deb (US), Doug (Wishaw, Scotland), Ed (Tennessee), Fiona (London, UK), Fredrik (Sweden), Joe (UK), Glenn (Wyoming, US), Gordon (DK), Helge (Sweden), Henrik (Sweden), Higginz (Sweden), Jens (Germany), Joe Anderson, Joseph (Detroit), John Reh (Maryland), Keld (DK), Klaus (Germany), Krischan (Germany), Lars (DK), Michael (US), Mikael (FI), Nicholas (US), Nordli (Norway), Pincy (Germany), Richard (Germany), Roman (Russia), Rudd Man, Scott (Iowa, US), Stuart (Scotland), Tammy (US), Tom (US), Tony (Texas, US), Tony Lindberg (Sweden) and last not least Tor (Norway). Hope I didn’t forget anyone.


DROOL RULEZ... Album Copyright Red Steel Music 1999

Cool sound (70 min playtime!), excellent guitar works of Manny.



(You can download here a demo MP3-file. It needs 3,6 MB free disk space.)